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More entertainment than ever before with the local, personalized customer service you know and trust.

A World of Channels. Your Local Choice.

More entertainment than ever before with the local, personalized customer service you know and trust.

A World of Channels. Your Local Choice.

white cobalt w color swoosh-02

More entertainment than ever before with the local, personalized customer service you know and trust.

A World of Channels. Your Local Choice.

More entertainment than ever before with the local, personalized customer service you know and trust.

A World of Channels. Your Local Choice.

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TV Plans

Choose the Cobalt TV Package that fits your entertainment needs.

Pricing effective March 1, 2024.


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What’s Included

Local Channels
Other Favorite Channels
Stream ABC, NBC, FOX & More with WatchTVEverywhere

Most Popular


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What’s Included

Local Channels
Popular Sports Channels
Entertainment & Music
Stream 60+ channels with WatchTVEverywhere


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What’s Included

Local Channels
Max Sports Channels
Entertainment & Music
Stream 75+ channels with WatchTVEverywhere

See which channels are in each package and their corresponding channel numbers with our channel guide.

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Cobalt TV Anywhere

Stream your favorite channels, programming, and premium content to your TV, smartphone, laptop or other devices from anywhere you can receive internet with WatchTVEverywhere – included with your Cobalt TV subscription.

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Movie Packages

HBO logo


  • HBO HD
  • HBO 2 W HD
  • HBO Family HD
  • HBO Signature W HD
  • Max
cinemax logo


  • ActionMax HD
  • Cinemax HD
  • MoreMax HD
showtime logo


  • Showtime HD
  • Showtime Beyond
  • Showtime Extreme
  • Showtime Family
  • Showtime Showcase HD
  • Showtime Women
  • Sho2 HD
  • ShoNext
  • The Movie Channel HD
  • TMC Xtra
  • Flix
starz logo


  • STARZ ENCORE Classic
  • STARZ ENCORE Suspense
  • STARZ ENCORE Westerns
  • STARZ Cinema
  • STARZ Comedy HD
  • STARZ Edge HD
  • STARZ in Black
  • STARZ Kids & Family HD
  • MoviePlex
  • RetroPlex HD
  • IndiePlex HD
Cloud DVR graphic

Whole Home Cloud DVR Record Now…Watch Later

  • Watch what you want, when you want from any of your TVs.
  • Rewind, pause & replay.
  • Record two programs while watching a third.
  • MyTV app allows you to use your mobile device as a remote and manage your recordings from anywhere.

Save on additional Set Top Boxes when you add a Whole Home DVR. Select the package that matches the number of TVs in your home.

One TV $10.00
Two TVs $16.95
Three TVs $23.20
Four TVs $29.45
Five TVs $35.70

There’s an App for your Cobalt TV® DVR

Manage your DVR recordings from anywhere. With the MyTVs app, you can connect to your DVR enabled set top boxes to schedule and manage DVR recordings even when you are not at home. Additionally, you can view and search the TV program guide for your favorite shows or programs.


  • Perform remote control functions including changing channels.
  • View and Search TV program guide.
  • Filter channels on TV program guide by subscribed and favorites.
  • View list of recordings from all DVR enabled set top boxes.
  • Manage all DVR recordings including scheduling a one-time or series, deleting existing, viewing currently recording, and organizing in folders.
  • Audio and voice accessibility are available.


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Protection Plan


The Cobalt TV Protection plan gives you the ultimate in technical support and equipment protection including:
  • Technical Support
  • In-Home Service Calls Regarding Equipment
  • Equipment Replacement
The low monthly fee covers all equipment necessary for Cobalt TV including: Set Top Boxes, DVRs, MOCA Boxes, Wireless Access Point Boxes and the Internet Modem.

Cobalt TV Features & Guides

Press GUIDE on the remote to access detailed program information for the next two weeks. The last channel viewed appears on a smaller screen (screen‐in‐screen) within the Guide so you never miss what’s happening while you search for what’s on, schedule feature programs or get more information.

On Screen Program Guide Video Tutorial

My Settings Video Tutorial

When you set Favorite channels, you create a separate program guide just for the channels you watch the most – your Favorites! After you’ve set up Favorite channels, press the Guide button three times to see the Favorites program guide.

Working With Favorites Video Tutorial

Take control of your children’s viewing times and what they are allowed to watch with Cobalt TV’s feature-rich Parental Controls. Users can set restricted viewing times and Programming Limits based on Motion Picture or TV ratings. If there is an attempt to tune to a channel during a restricted time or with a rating at or above the rating limit, a PIN must be entered. Users can also restrict display of program titles at or above the rating limit in the guide.

Weather information at your fingertips.
Press the RED Button on your Remote Control and click on WEATHER

• Current Weather Conditions
• 5-Day Forecast
• Radar with Animation

Weather App Video

Restart TV allows subscribers to Restart a TV program that is already in progress. Now if you miss the start of your show or if you are browsing channels and see a show you want to watch that has already begun, it’s no problem. Push the green, color coded button on your remote to watch the program from the start.

Restart TV Video Tutorial

Events marked with the green “NEW” symbol signify a new episode of the program.

Get a quick snapshot at what’s happening on Cobalt TV.
Just press OK on the remote. A popup will display on the screen showing the channel that’s on live TV, the channel you are currently watching and any channels being recorded on your DVR.

Controlling Live TV Video Tutorial

Managing Your Recording Video Tutorial

Guide Search allows you to click on a program in the Guide and hit the Search (Yellow) button to see a listing of future availability of the same show. You can even go back in time in the Guide to search for a program you just missed. The Title Search feature allows users to search for programming based on key words in titles.

There are search capabilities that allow you to either search for a full title of a program or for a word or two within a title. You can use the Search feature in the guide to find all instances of a program by title or, you can use the Search feature to enter a partial name and search for all instances of the word to locate the desired program. This works well if you can’t recall the full name of a program or movie.

Never miss the start of a program.
To set Reminders while viewing the guide, highlight the program where you want a reminder and press OK. You can set the reminder to change to your channel at the start of the program.

Recording Programs and Reminders Video Tutorial

Press the Yellow Button on your Remote Control and click on WHAT’S HOT!
The WHAT’S HOT button gives you the most popular programs being watched in your viewing area at that time as well as the most popular recorded programs and most popular series recordings! And from this one yellow button – you can:

  • Set a recording
  • Set a series recording
  • Set a reminder
  • Search for additional times

What’s Hot Video Tutorial

Play some of your favorite games right on your TV including Memory, Minesweeper, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire & Sudoku.

Subscribe to Caller ID for your home telephone and view your caller ID display on the TV as well as on your regular Caller ID device. The Recent Calls List will store recent caller ID information.

When you subscribe to Hamilton Digital Voicemail for your home telephone, the Voicemail feature lets you listen to your voicemail messages from your TV. You can also retrieve voicemail from any PC or your email by logging onto: my.HamiltonTel.com

Phone Menu Video Tutorial

For information on legacy NCTC cable plans, click here: NCTC legacy cable.