Hamilton Backup & Anti-Virus


Giving you Peace of Mind with Hamilton Backup & Anti-Virus


If your computer crashed, what would happen to your important documents, photos or other files? While you may be able to repair your PC, the files may be lost forever.

Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent that loss by ensuring copies of your files and everything else stored on your PC are backed up and protected with Hamilton Backup & Anti-Virus solutions.

Why Hamilton Backup & Anti-Virus?

Many computers or PCs come with anti-virus installed, but these solutions may not catch and prevent all viruses from infecting your PC. Additionally, standard Windows AV provides minimal support when issues arise.

  1. Runs in parallel with Windows Defender.
  2. An added layer of protection with existing anti-virus.
  3. Runs deep scan automatically.
  4. Includes spyware scanning to protect from malware.
  5. Access to local support and clean up services.

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STARTING AT $7.99/mo

50 GB Backup + Anti-Virus for 1 PC

$3.99/ mo
Additional 50 GB Backup for the same PC


  • Peace of mind knowing your data and identity is safe.
  • Backups are stored locally on Hamilton secured servers.
  • All backed up data is encrypted and only accessible by you.
  • Local support team to assist in getting lost data restored.

Quick and easy remote installation. Contact us today!

For more information or to sign up for Hamilton Backup & Anti-Virus contact us at 402.694.5101 or complete the form below and a customer service representative will follow up.