Your Internet Privacy Matters

Privacy graphic with padlocks.

At Hamilton, we take our customers privacy very seriously. In light of recent national news regarding ISPs using or sharing search and browser history, we wanted to take a moment to reassure you that Hamilton is not included among those ISPs. Below are a few key points taken from our privacy policy.

  • We do not sell or share information about your Internet usage, such as the websites you visit and searches you conduct. We will only share such information as required by law or as necessary to provide you service or improve our services.
  • We provide you choices regarding how we market to you. We will honor your request to remove your name from our telephone and/or mail solicitation lists.
  • We use numerous security techniques designed to protect your information from unauthorized access.
  • We will notify you of major revisions in our privacy policy in advance. Our goal is to never surprise you.


Simply put, Hamilton does not collect, share or sell any of your personal or web browser information, unless we would be legally compelled to do so. You can find our full privacy policy online here.