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Hamilton’s Recommended Programs

Unfortunately the dangers of internet use extend beyond getting a computer virus, there are also companion programs which can do just as much damage. These are called spyware, adware, malware and internet hijackers. These malicious programs can cause a multitude of problems on a computer, including changed settings, slower internet, or total disruption of service.

Hamilton recommends the following free programs to help combat those invaders:

Bit Defender

Download Link: from bitdefender.com/solutions/free
Description: A free antivirus program that does a good job of staying updated and protecting against viruses. Not necessary for Windows 10, which has its own antivirus.

Malware Bytes

Download Link: from malwarebytes.org
Purpose: To search out and delete malware programs on your computer.

If you are unable to use the download links provided above you can go to: www.download.com and do a search for the program names. Click on the link for the correct program that appears in the search results and then download, install and run the programs.

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