Fiber Now Available in Central City

Fiber to the Home delivers the fastest, most reliable internet service available! Central City customers with Fiber to the Home are also able to get Cobalt TV, voice service, and Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi. Please contact Hamilton customer service at 308.624.4900 for more information on Fiber to the Home Internet service.

Fiber to the Home Data Plans

These speed tiers do not include or need voice service. If you would like Hamilton Voice Service in addition to internet services see the standard fiber pricing plans below. All fiber plans include unlimited usage.

Standard Fiber Plans

Standard Fiber Plans require purchase of Hamilton Voice Service or a separate transport fee.** All fiber plans include unlimited usage.

Faster speeds may require updating your wireless router. Contact our tech support team to learn which router is best for your needs.

*Cobalt TV subscribers should note that their IPTV streaming will be included in the 1 Gig download speed provided in the ULTIMATE data plan. For more information on CobaltTV pricing and packages please visit

**Voice service available in Central City for $17.95/month plus taxes and fees.

 Custom business tiers are available with additional features,
please call Hamilton’s Sales Team for more information.

Connecting your Home to Fiber







Why are you adding Central City now?

Hamilton Telecommunications was awarded a grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to assist in costs to provide fiber to the home service to 250 eligible households in and around Central City in Fall 2020. Since that time, we have heard from many residents of Central City who also wanted fiber and have found a way to make bringing Fiber to the Home to all of Central City possible.


Are you doing FTTH in the entire service area, and does that include rural areas?

At this time, Hamilton is only providing services to properties within city limits and some parts of Merrick County that were part of the original  DED grant area.


What will the construction process look like? Will they tear up my yard?

Construction begins with the fiber optic infrastructure that we have already deployed throughout the service areas. Fiber will be deployed to a distribution point, or node, closest to your home. Hamilton employees or contractors will arrive in your neighborhood to mark the locations of your water lines, sewer lines, and gas lines in preparation for local construction. We will ask you to mark and locate any specific items that may be obstructed during deployment, such as sprinkler lines. The fiber will be buried through your yard in a very thin line approximately 12 inches deep and you will notice very little difference in your yard when construction is complete. Construction crews will be mindful of your landscaping and will work to minimize any long-term impacts to the appearance of your yard.


What will the outside of my house look like? What boxes /equipment will be there?

Fiber will run directly to a location chosen at the time of a scheduled fiber site survey with one of our technicians.


How fast will my Internet speed be?

Fiber will allow Central City residents to receive Internet speeds faster than they ever have before. You select the speed plan that best meets your household needs.

See the speed plans and pricing above.


Fiber to the Home is great…  and I need it now.

Please contact us or complete the survey at to let us know of your needs or call us at 308-624-4900.


Who is responsible for damage to my property?

We will be very careful burying the fiber and our fiber technicians are very mindful of your property. We will do our best to return your yard or property to its previous state when complete and you should notice little to no difference once complete.


What do the flags in my yard mean?

The flags in your yard are marking utilities so we are aware where different lines, such as electric lines, gas lines and water lines are buried when burying fiber.


How deep do you have to bury the fiber in my yard?

The main line is buried 42 inches deep. The lateral lines to the easements or right of ways are buried 24-36 inches deep. The fiber drop to the house or pedestal will be roughly 12 inches in depth.


Will anything need to be done inside my home? Wiring changes?

There will be new equipment to install that allows us to connect the fiber to the port directly in your home and there will be a need to route cabling from the outside of your house to the location of the new equipment inside the house. Hamilton will contact you to set up a site visit to determine these needs as well as the best place to put the fiber equipment.


Do I need special equipment to get the full speed through my Wi-Fi?

As with all wireless routers, it depends on the age and capability of the router. Most routers purchased from Hamilton should be able to deliver the speed you have purchased. However, for subscribers selecting one of the higher speed plans, it may be beneficial to upgrade to a Wi-Fi router that has greater bandwidth capabilities. These higher speed wireless routers are available for purchase from Hamilton or several other retailers. Customers may also wish to subscribe to our managed Wi-Fi service offering extended Wi-Fi range and parental controls in the home. See this link for more information.


Read more about backup battery information for fiber customers.