Is Fiber in Your Neighborhood? 2

For the most part, construction is going neighborhood by neighborhood to get the most homes completed, the most efficiently. The fiber to the home construction is a several step process. Each of which requires a different crew and different days.

Fiber Site Survey

A fiber site survey is completed at your home to determine the best place to install the equipment and determine where the fiber will enter the home. The equipment will be installed at that time, although will not be working until the final conversion is made. Here is the four step process.




Bury to Home

The fiber is buried from the vault through your yard and to the home, up to the box installed during the site survey.





Fiber is Spliced

A fiber technician will splice the fiber from the home to the node.





Connect Inside the Home

The fiber conversion is made and the service is “lit” in your home. Once complete, all services will be delivered over fiber.




With Hampton very close to completed, you have probably seen the Hamilton fiber trucks in various locations throughout Aurora. We are working hard to install the infrastructure necessary to bring fiber to your home or business.

Here’s a list of the subdivisions which are next on our list for site surveys and installations.

  • Northridge
  • Greenway
  • McBride Subdivision
  • Lincoln Creek
  • Platteview Estates
  • Mark St, 1st Ave, 2nd Ave, Matson St, Bryan St
  • K St (500-900 block)
  • L St (500-900 block)
  • West L St (100-400 block)
  • M St (100-1000 block)
  • M St (1600-2000 block)
  • N St (200-800 block)
  • N St (1100-1400 block)
  • N St (1600-2100 block)
  • O St (100-1500 block)
  • O St (1700-2100 block)
  • P St (1200-1500 block)
  • P St (2000-2100 block)
  • Q St (1700-2000 block)
  • 1st St (600-900, 1300-1500 block)
  • 2nd St (1300 block)
  • 3rd St (1200-1500 block)
  • 4th St (1200-1300 block)
  • 5th St (1000-1100 block)
  • 6th St (700-1000 block)
  • 7th St (1200-1400 block)
  • 8th St (1100-1500 block)
  • 9th St (1000-1500 block)
  • 10th St (1000-1400 block)
  • 11th St (1300-1400 block)
  • 12th St (1300-1500 block)
  • 13th St (1300-1500 block)
  • 14th St (1300-1400 block)
  • 16th St (1200-1400 block)
  • 18th St (1100-1200 block)
  • 19th St (1200-1300 block)
  • Green Meadow Est
  • Lagerville Dr
  • Manor Dr
  • W Circle Dr
  • Parklane Ave
  • Mccullough Ln

If you live in one of these areas you may have already received your fiber postcards and we are actively contacting residents who received postcards in these locations to schedule a time to install some of the necessary equipment.

We will keep this list updated as we move into new areas, so please check back if you don’t see your neighborhood listed yet!