Cybersecurity Protection for your Home PC

cybersecurity for your home computer

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
— The best way to manage today’s security threats.






Cybersecurity used to be as simple as installing an anti-virus (AV) solution and keeping it up to date. With the rise of more advanced attack and more time spent online, home PCs are facing greater threats to data and need a different type of protection to mitigate that risk.

Traditional AV isn’t sufficient protection for your home computer because AV requires regular database updates of the current virus signatures to be effective.

Managed EDR is the next generation anti-virus solution that is smarter than traditional anti-virus software. It protects your documents, financial information, pictures and videos from increasingly devious cyberattacks. This software works 24×7 in the background to detect, contain and eliminate threats to your computer.

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