Bank Deduct
Dear Subscriber:
You can have your telephone, cable, and Internet bill sent directly to your bank for payment. This convenient method saves you both time and a stamp while ensuring that your account with us is always current. You will still receive a monthly bill for your records. If you want us to set up automatic bank payments on  your account(s), please complete the form below. This authorization will remain in effect until Hamilton receives written notification to terminate.

Send completed form and a voided check to:
Hamilton Telecommunications
1006 12th Street
Aurora, NE 68818-2097

Or you can sign up electronically by logging in to your account

Bank Collection Authorization

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 I hereby authorize Hamilton Telecommunications to collect payment of my bill from the above financial institution until such time as I cancel this arrangement. It is understood that in case of a billing error, an adjustment will be made between Hamilton Telecommunications and me.
*This bank collection authorization may be terminated by the customer at any time.

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Some financial institutions do not accept electronic withdrawals.
Each request will be verified with your bank.