About Us

Hamilton Telecommunications is a diversified communications and technology service provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications encompasses eight primary company divisions that allow Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis.

For more than a century, Hamilton’s culture and values have been shaped by our employees, customers, and shareholders as a driving force to our success. We value the spirit of hard work, responsibility, innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion that enables our growth and guides us as we pursue our mission.


Hamilton is committed to providing quality service to all of our customers with our dedicated Hamilton team members.


Hamilton sends out a monthly internet newsletter to our subscribers with a wide variety of tips, tricks and suggestions on how to make the most of your Internet.


From around the corner to around the country, the spotlight is on the latest news and developments from Hamilton Telecommunications. Click the link above to read about how Hamilton is making headlines.


If you’re ready for a career without limits we invite you to explore the possibilities at Hamilton Telecommunications.

Photo of the corporate office in Aurora, Nebraska.